L&D in the time of COVID-19

LIVE – Learn Interactively through Virtual Engagement
Vinay Kumar, Director - Client Engagement, C2C Organizational Development

Mar 13, 2020

This could very well be the defining moment of VUCA times. Organizations and businesses the world over are facing massive COVID-19 induced headwinds Nothing is being spared, and certainly not the face-to-face Learning & Development space.

While panic seems to be the button some are reaching for, we at C2C-OD are looking at a different button– the kind that you press to go

One of our strategic initiatives in the last 12 months has been to design more integrated learning journeys, combining the versatility of technology with the social collaboration and engagement of face-to-face learning.

Why this shift at C2COD?

While digital learning is seen as one the fastest growing medium to meet learners’ needs, the value of face-to-face social engagement-based learning has never really diminished.

Companies have for a while been using curated virtual content platforms like LinkedIn Learning, Coursera, Harvard ManagerMentor, etc. to upskill employees. However, our conversations with HR and L&D heads have revealed that while they have been useful, the collaborative and social engagement elements were missing.

We agree.

This line of thought naturally culminated in our strategic move to focus on blending learning practices. Our effort has been to leverage digital technology but combine it with collaborative ways of learning. We are proud to have created some highly successful integrated learning journeys – the success measured by participant impact and client feedback.

Now, not only is the current environment creating challenges for facilitators and L&D practitioners who have been leveraging the ability to work face-to-face, but we are also hearing from several clients of the challenge to keep their employees engaged and the L&D culture alive

For us, what the current situation has done is only accelerated the impetus – and freed up more of our time – to prioritize our ongoing efforts to bring more virtual facilitator led learning to the table.

It has never been as critical as it is today, to be agile and flexible in meeting the needs of the learners.

So, we are pleased to be launching soon, the first wave of learning opportunities that we have designed, working with our facilitators and clients, to enable skill and competency development through facilitated virtual conversations.

Collaboration and social engagement are, after all, in the human DNA. Social distancing is NOT.

Get ready to go LIVE!

Vinay Kumar has worked with leadership teams on strategy and development, coached CXO’s, and facilitated sessions for organizations, in over 20 countries across Asia, Europe, Middle East and the Americas. Vinay brings in 20+ years of corporate experience in operational and leadership roles. A Certified Professional Facilitator, Vinay is also the Global Chair of International Association of Facilitators (IAF).


Explore our full range of the LIVE series of programs here: https://c2cod.com/our-expertise/learning-solutions/LIVE