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In all teams, trust is built, broken and made vulnerable. It comes with the territory of human relationships. Trust is tested on a daily basis as people do business together against fierce competition. Trust is what people most want and need at work. But despite the importance, need, and demand for stronger trust, teams struggle to build and sustain it for the long term.

C2C-OD, in partnership with the Reina Trust Building®, is dedicated to helping change workplace culture by implementing trust within organizations.

We help you understand, build and sustain trust in your organization.

Based on 30 years of research, assessment and development practice conducted globally, the Trust Building® brings the Dimensions of Trust: The Three Cs®, which provide a practical, behaviorbased framework that to help people raise their awareness of trust.

The Reina Trust Building® system equips teams with a shared understanding of what trust means, how it is built, how it is broken and how it is rebuilt. It also gives teams a common language to talk about trust-related issues constructively, to take thoughtful action on them, to sustain trust over time, and to enable them to take trust to the next level. The Trust Building® system is designed to strengthen trust in relationships, teams, and entire organizations.


We can support your organization across these four crucial stages:
1. Conduct baseline trust assessment
2. Co-create solutions
3. Transfer Trust Building® capability
4. Evaluate Trust Building® progress and sustainability
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