What if you could get a big picture perspective of your organizational needs?

According to a Gartner research based on 400 interviews in 2019, human resource business partners (HRBPs) will need to develop a strategic focus to supporting business leaders and focus less on tactical areas by 2025.

We are in 2021 and the pandemic has fast tracked the changes in the HRBPs’ role and placed that very demand on being able to consult with the business leaders and provide a big picture perspective today. This need has only become more critical during the pandemic as leaders are left with too little time from one-on-one check ins, virtual team meetings and the demands for immediate results from their teams.

C2C-OD’s premium program ‘Riding the Helicopter’ is specifically designed keeping this changing role of HRBPs in mind and using an extremely insightful yet simple model “The Integral framework” by Ken Wilbur. The model enables the HRBPs and leaders to take a realistic view of the individual and team needs across internal or external dimensions of the team or organization.

Leaders and HRBPs must not mistake this for the cliché “a 30,000-feet view” but more like a 1000-feet view from the helicopter that provides a better lay of the landscape for leaders to make decisions and effect change.


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