Are you evaluating the impact of your training interventions?

What have you contributed to business? How has L&D impacted business? How have you contributed to the bottom line? What results can you show? What is the ROI? How is the business improving through training? All very valid questions and all increasingly being asked by business to L&D.

A 2017 Workplace Learning Report by LinkedIn Learning shows that the No. 1 measure of learning desired by CEOs is learning impact and yet only 8% organizations are demonstrating this. There is a clear need for us to up our learning evaluation game and provide business with the kind of results it is looking for.

The Kirkpatrick Four LevelsĀ® of Evaluation Certification program (Bronze, Silver and Gold levels) certifies you to use one of the foremost evaluation methodologies in the world. Available in in-person and online formats, this program helps you deep dive into each of the 4 Levels, explore tools, techniques and methodologies at each level and helps you develop the Kirkpatrick Four LevelsĀ® evaluation plan for one of your own session right there in the training room. This hands-on approach leads to immediate application of the learning and increases the likelihood of future application on the job.


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