What does the Future of L&OD look like?

Key insights, observations, and highlights from our first virtual RoundTable dialogue on how the Learning & Organizational Development landscape has evolved during the pandemic and where it is headed now, with experts from across industries


Avoid the Allure of Training Activity

Much of what learning professionals do does not directly contribute to business. Jim and Wendy Kirkpatrick explain about the signal to noise ratio and how we as consultants to business must hone in on the true signals from our stakeholders.


The Facilitative Leader

In the September 2020 edition of our Web Wednesday, our Directors, Sanjay Dugar and Vinay Kumar help you explore what leaders can do to be more facilitative, in leveraging the collective intelligence of teams and play the role of stewardship effectively. We also discuss the impact of an evolving workforce and how you can best adapt to lead your team to success.

Journey of a Kirkpatrick Certified Professional

The November 2020 edition of our Web Wednesday brings you a first-hand account of the Kirkpatrick Certification journey, via a virtual tête-à-tête between Benaifer Karkaria, a Kirkpatrick Certified Professional-Bronze and Program Manager at eClerx, and Preethi B Rao, Kirkpatrick Certified Professional–Gold who heads Learning Effectiveness at C2COD.


Shiny Happy People with Vinay Kumar

Our weekly podcast that’s all about people – leaders, thinkers, strategists, and doers – featuring conversations and insights

Episode 51: How To Work A (Virtual) Room
Jul 15, 2021

Vinay talks to networking expert, Susan RoAne, the best-selling author of the classic ‘How To Work A Room’ which has sold over a million copies, who has also been named by Forbes as one of the top 25 networking experts. Susan has worked with audiences worldwide, and written in publications including the New York Times, Globe and Mail, Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal. Hit play for Susan’s best networking tips and lessons.

Episode 50: Inside ‘Facilitation Stories’
Jul 01, 2021

We bring you a special episode feature from the ‘Facilitation Stories’ podcast by the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) England and Wales chapter, featuring our host, Vinay Kumar as a guest. Vinay shares his journey peppered with stories and insights as a Certified Professional Facilitator and the Global Chair of IAF, in conversation with the co-hosts of the 'Facilitation Stories' podcast, Helene Jewell and Pilar Orti.