Enabling high-performing teams

Why Squadify: Problems teams are facing today

75% of cross-functional teams are underperforming.
90% of teams claimed to be high performing, but only 17% meet the high-performance criteria.
1 in 8 team members is facing burnout.
46% of employees are experiencing loneliness.


What is Squadify and how it can help

Squadify is all about teams. It’s an easy-to-use platform that connects team leaders, team members and coaches in a data-driven approach to accelerating performance. Squadify gives everyone a voice on the dynamics inside their team so that they can continuously take action to improve.

Teams that use Squadify can strengthen their shared mental models, identify areas for focused action as a team and be confident that doing so will improve performance.


What Squadify is NOT

It is not an organizational engagement or culture survey.
It is not an individual psychometric survey.

How Squadify turned this team around!

Merck Healthcare ANZ

The Problems: In 2018, the leadership team was facing exhaustion, poor communication, low engagement with low-risk taking and low trust levels. As a result, the organization missed targets and exhibited weak performance and poor data & decision-making.

The Results after using Squadify: Squadify supported Merck to become a high-performance organization. Here’s what happened two years later, in 2020:

  • Financial performance was 113% vs budget
  • Engagement decline turned around, with an 11% year-on-year growth
  • “I would recommend Merck as a great place to work” went up to 94% from 77%
  • The team became collaborative, confident and engaged

Leaders speak:

"We are using Squadify every quarter in my Senior Leadership team… as we have used it for over a year, I have found the trends really valuable."

-GM, Customer Experience

“Squadify has helped our team have laser focus…It has completely changed the way we interact with each other. We would never have been in this place so quickly and in such a positive way without Squadify.”

-MD, Healthcare


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