FAQs on our Kirkpatrick Certification

You asked, we answered. Discover our upcoming Kirkpatrick Four Levels® Evaluation Certification Program
Preethi B Rao, Head of Learning Effectiveness, C2C Organizational Development

Oct 07, 2021

Q. What is Kirkpatrick Certification?

The Kirkpatrick Four Levels® Evaluation Certification Program is the world’s foremost evaluation certification program. It helps you take a proactive approach to learning evaluation and helps you demonstrate a clear ROE (return on expectations) to stakeholders. You learn directly from the Kirkpatricks, the true and correct methodology and apply it to an actual program to maximize business results. More details on the Kirkpatrick Model here.

Q. What are the different levels in the Kirkpatrick program?


Q. How will Kirkpatrick Certification help me as a learning professional?  

You will be able to demonstrate the value of the learning interventions you lead AND also deign the intervention with the end in mind. Evaluation will no longer be an afterthought. You will learn to identify stakeholder expectations and key behaviors to change on the job and define the metrics to measure your intervention and then design the learning journey accordingly. You will ensure that even if you are not evaluating a program all the way to Level 4, you will create enough support at Level 3 to enable participants to change on the job behavior.


Q. Why does this program require this kind of investment?

Kirkpatrick certification is the most-recognized credential worldwide for training evaluation excellence. The program pricing, content, and facilitator certification are governed by Kirkpatrick Partners. India is positioned at Tier 2 pricing, which is significantly less than the Tier 1 price in most of the world. Kirkpatrick certification is a valuable tool that will help you cut out unnecessary costs spent on training programs that yield little or no value. It is a long-term investment that will pay for itself in terms of savings and enhanced productivity of employees. C2C-OD Pvt. Ltd. is an affiliate of Kirkpatrick Partners, LLC of the USA. Kirkpatrick Partners is the worldwide standard for leveraging and validating talent investments and creator of the Kirkpatrick Model of training evaluation. 

Q. Can you offer discounted pricing?  

The program pricing is governed worldwide by Kirkpatrick Partners, LLC. There are numerous opportunities for discounts off the regular price. We offer early bird and group discounts. Do email us at info@c2cod.com for details.

Q. Who should attend this program? Are there any requirements/eligibility criteria?

The Bronze level program offered by C2C-OD is open to any adult citizen of India. Having a learning related background is beneficial as it will help you directly apply your learning to your job. This program is most relevant for you if you are:

  • Head of learning and development
  • HR professional with an interest in L&D
  • Business leader with learning needs for their teams
  • L&D professional – Content designer, Facilitator, Learning Consultant

Q. What sets Kirkpatrick apart from other similar training evaluation programs out there? 

The Kirkpatrick Model is the standard for leveraging and validating talent investments, which has been created over 60 years ago and validated through continued worldwide use. Other training evaluation systems are an extension of the Kirkpatrick methodology or find their basis in it. 

Q. Who are the facilitators for this program? 

The program is conducted by our Kirkpatrick Certified Facilitators, Preethi B. Rao, one of a select few Kirkpatrick Gold Certified Professionals in India who heads Learning Effectiveness at C2C-OD, and Jawad Ahmed who is Director of OD Solutions at C2C-OD. See what our credentials mean here.   

Q. Are there any job aids, guides, post-program support, etc.? 

The program participant manual is filled with examples and templates that you may borrow and adapt to build your own Blended Evaluation Plan® tools and gain a complete understanding of what each level measures. You will also receive a postcard style job aid for the New World Kirkpatrick Model. Post program, for four weeks, you will receive support emails with useful tips for application. You also get one year of post program support (and beyond, if you need it!) where you can email your Facilitator with any program related questions you might have. You may also reach out to test new ideas, ask opinions on tools you may have created etc.  

Q. What is ROE or Return on Expectations?

ROE or Return on Expectations – These are the expectations of stakeholders from learning interventions we provide. When executives ask for new training, many learning professionals retreat to their departments and start designing and developing suitable programs. While a cursory needs assessment may be conducted, it is rarely taken to the point where expectations of the training contribution to an overall business initiative are made completely clear.

Stakeholder expectations define the value that training professionals are responsible for delivering.

More on ROE here.

Q. I already know the Kirkpatrick Model, I have read a lot of their books / We already use Kirkpatrick’s model.

Kirkpatrick certification is undergone by companies that see the benefit of investing in the program. We have seen that some companies feel the need for a refresher program if they are already implementing the program. We have also observed that most companies, at this stage, are at Level 1 or Level 2 of the evaluation. Reaching Level 4 is an evolved process that requires involvement at the design stage of the program. The certification will help you re-look at your existing programs and decide if they meet the criteria for all four levels.

Q. Is the certification for the company or the individual? 

The certification is provided to individuals. Ideally, conducting an in-house certification program and teaching the Kirkpatrick method to all involved team members can help you integrate it into your standard operating procedures. Smaller groups and individuals can take advantage of our public programs. 

Once you integrate the Kirkpatrick Model into the way you do needs analysis, training, performance improvement, and results tracking, you will ensure that your resources are being dedicated to the things that bring about the most bottom-line value for your organization.

If you have more questions, write to Preethi at preethi@c2cod.com 

Preethi B. Rao heads Learning Effectiveness at C2C Organizational Development. She is a Kirkpatrick Certified Facilitator and one of a select few Kirkpatrick Gold Certified Professionals in India (and the world!). She has been working with Senior L&D professionals to help take their evaluation game to the next level and working with organizations to help streamline their evaluation processes.


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Access free online learning resources here https://www.kirkpatrickpartners.com/Resources