The Resilient Entrepreneur

The Resilient Entrepreneur
Strategies to set you up for success

Author : Dhruti Shah


What’s Inside This Book

Being an entrepreneur is tough. Resilience makes you tougher! 

As an entrepreneur, every fiber of your being needs to be resilient. Once you are resilient, you can raise the money, create a team that excels, develop a strong market share, and much more. 

In today’s business environment, resilience is not an optional skillset to have, it is table stakes for professionals across the world. 

You must read this book if you are:

  • An entrepreneur trying to hire the right talent, fuel the growth of your company, or lock in the funding to stay afloat;
  • Working within a corporation or even a well-funded start-up and are itching to start your own business; or 
  • An intrapreneur facing challenges from all directions, such as burnout, interpersonal conflicts, leadership conflicts, strategic differences, etc. 

How will this book make a difference?     

Filled with science-backed research, actionable insights, practical how-to advice, real-life examples, quizzes, and checklists, The Resilient Entrepreneur will enable you to chart your own journey as you beat the odds for entrepreneurial success.  

You will have the tools and the mindset to tackle any challenge that comes your way. You will be empowered with sustainable resilience—that is, the resilience that is simply part of who you are, and that will serve you throughout your life.  

Ultimately, when you choose resilience, you choose success!


About The Author

Dhruti Shah

DHRUTI SHAH is an Associate Director at C2C Organizational Development Pvt. Ltd. She has 20 years of professional experience spanning across organizational development, human resources, and marketing. 

Along with being an Organizational Development Consultant, Dhruti is also a results-oriented coach who believes in the power of cultivating the right mindset. She has a proven ability to thrive in dynamically changing environments, making her insights invaluable to today’s entrepreneurs and leaders. 

Dhruti currently lives in Bengaluru, India, with her husband, Maulik, her daughter, Tia, and her furry kid, Coco.   

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What readers are saying

"'The Resilient Entrepreneur’ brings the concept of resilience to a places that is accessible, digestible and inspirational. Entrepreneurship can be a challenging path, with highs and lows that often takes a toll on mental health and has leaders questioning their capabilities and sanity. This book reminds us that we are born resilient and provides a practical guide to harnessing our innate power and finding resources to support us to thrive.'"

- Natalia Rachel, Founder, Illuma Health

""In some chapters, the opening quote alone makes you feel energized and ready to take on the next hurdle of your entrepreneurial undertaking. The reflection questions in each chapter and the real life interviews of people who have been there and done that make it possible to connect with the advice Dhruti has. I picked up the book and wished it had been made available to me when I was starting on my own journey.""

- Dr. Tanvi Gautam, Founder, Leadershift Inc.