Are all your stakeholders engaged in the strategy conversation?

A great strategy is key to your organization’s success, especially in a constantly changing business environment. What is more crucial is getting all your stakeholders aligned to execute the strategy effectively with finesse, to create a sustainable team, business unit and organization. Leaders need to ensure strategic alignment at both the team business unit level and at the enterprise level.

C2C-OD, in partnership with leadership technology expert, LIW, is committed to delivering immediate and sustainable impact through aligned leadership, rather than individual leaders. C2C-OD is LIW’s exclusive partners in India.

Using the Organisational Leadership Architecture™ (OLA™) framework, we deploy core process facilitation skills and a structured framework for conversation. OLA™ provides the overarching approach for every individual to contribute to achieving organizational success.

This view of Organisational Leadership Architecture™ changes the shape of how leadership is sometimes regarded: from the few to the many, from disconnected to holistic and from cumbersome to agile. These two dimensions combine to form a powerful Meta model which provides direction and focus for leaders.



Is your company culture driving your business success, or hampering it?

An Indian pharmaceutical company was integrated into a huge global structure as result of a joint venture. Soon after, the company witnessed major collaboration challenges and the general project effectiveness started dipping.

Another renowned multinational company with a history of promoting from within, hired an outside CEO. For the first time, the company went on to experience its highest attrition rate ever and a decline in productivity.

How important is cultural alignment to an organization’s business success? Very, as is apparent from these instances.

A diverse workforce has become a defining attribute of the modern workplace and the need for people to work effectively and efficiently across barriers of any kind has never been bigger. This diversity necessitates cultural alignment.

A company’s organizational culture encompasses the driving values and behaviors that contribute to its unique social and psychological environment. A company’s success – or failure – relies on the true alignment of its organizational culture with the business’ direction moving forward.

Events such as joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, expansions, organizational transformation from back-office operations to more client facing roles or substantial leadership changes can have a significant impact on the organizational culture – and not always a positive one.

What is critical in such times is to be aware of the potential impact and work to soften any negative impact on your company’s culture.

At C2C-OD, we work directly with your company’s leadership to support the organization’s strategic changes, the success of which depends on the strength of its culture. We help enable cultural transformation at an individual, team and organizational level.

Our cultural transformation solutions is guided by 3 steps:
Organizational Culture Transformation

Some of the tools we use in the process are:

  • Organizational Leadership Architecture™ (OLA™)
  • The Reina Trust and Betrayal Model®


How well is your organization navigating through change?

Strategic business leaders are well-aligned that organizations are consistently operating in a ‘VUCA’ environment. VUCA or Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity reflect an unstable and rapidly changing business world, so true of the environment we live in today, more than ever before. VUCA makes it imperative for human resource and talent management professionals to change the focus and methods of leadership development.

Being adaptable to constant change as well as being an expert at leading through complex change are the most important attributes for today’s leaders. Managing change is a required skill for all leaders, managers, and employees.

C2C-OD’s team of organizational development experts use the ATD Change Framework (see picture below) as the basis for the design of our instructor-led workshops to create a shared language to driving the change.

We help develop behaviors, processes, skills and attitudes to help your organization navigate change successfully. We work with your leaders and your teams to help them manage the challenges of change. We also assist in implementation challenges within workstream actions.

change management



Does your team trust you? Do they trust each other?

“Trust isn’t a feeling, but a tangible element that influences how we interact.” (Eric Deschenes, Country Managing Director and Head of Electrification Business, Canada)

Trust is the foundation of effective relationships leading to business results. It is especially vulnerable during periods of rapid growth or change, or when your team is virtual. Today, more than ever, trust is an essential asset to diminish barriers, break down silos, foster collaboration, deepen teamwork, drive engagement, encourage innovation, and manage the never-ending process of change.

Teams simply do not perform well without trust. People work in silos. They do not communicate. They do not engage. They play it safe. They talk about - rather than to - one another. Relationships fray. Eventually, there is no ‘team’ anymore.

In all teams, trust is built, broken and made vulnerable. It comes with the territory of human relationships. Trust is tested on a daily basis as people do business together against fierce competition. Trust is what people most want and need at work. But despite the importance, need, and demand for stronger trust, teams struggle to build and sustain it for the long term.

C2C-OD, in partnership with the Reina Trust Building®, is dedicated to helping change workplace culture by implementing trust within organizations.

We help you understand, build and sustain trust in your organization.

Based on 30 years of research, assessment and development practice conducted globally, the Trust Building® brings the Dimensions of Trust: The Three Cs®, which provide a practical, behaviorbased framework that to help people raise their awareness of trust.


The Reina Trust Building® system equips teams with a shared understanding of what trust means, how it is built, how it is broken and how it is rebuilt. It also gives teams a common language to talk about trust-related issues constructively, to take thoughtful action on them, to sustain trust over time, and to enable them to take trust to the next level. The Trust Building® system is designed to strengthen trust in relationships, teams, and entire organizations.

Reina Trust Building System

We can support your organization across these four crucial stages:

  1. Conduct baseline trust assessment
  2. Co-create solutions
  3. Transfer Trust Building® capability
  4. Evaluate Trust Building® progress and sustainability

The registered trademarks and copyrights contained herein are the property of The Reina Trust Building® Consultancy, Inc., under license, all rights reserved.


The registered trademarks and copyrights contained herein are the property of The Reina Trust Building® Consultancy, Inc., under license, all rights reserved.


Do you have the right people for the right jobs?

An effective Assessment & Development Center is your key to hiring, developing, retaining and managing top talent in today’s rapidly changing environment. It is one of the most important tools used by organizations to evaluate their high potential people.

A well-designed, effective and reliable assessment center can predict potential success in a role and minimize the chances of making an ‘off-the-mark’ hiring decision, by giving you deep insights into a candidate’s competencies, abilities, personality and motivations.

This enables you to make more informed decisions on whether your employees – potential or current - have the ability and competence to perform the job well and where their developmental needs may lie.

At C2C-OD, we engage your stakeholders through various tools and methods to create and implement the assessment center. Our assessment center solutions enables you to:

  • Achieve objectivity by creating a process free of any bias.
  • Select from a wide variety of tools (including psychometric tools) and exercises that can be tailored to meet your organizational requirement.
  • Access our highly skilled and qualified experts to deliver assessment centers. We also help develop in-house assessors via training.
  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of the assessment center, wherein we compare the results from the assessment center with job performance measures.


Is your organizational talent aligned with your business goals?

According to a recent survey, 86% of organizations rated connecting employees back to company goals as either very important or important, but only half (56%) had a formal process that links experiences to goals.

Competency mapping is a core element of organizational talent that is critical in bringing alignment with business goals.

At C2C-OD, we work to understand your requirements and build a competency mapping framework that is aligned with your long-term goals. We also build upon your existing competency framework and collaborate with you to maximize the returns on your investments. We provide support to revalidate your competencies in response to shifts in business environment.

Our competency framework will ensure you have the right leaders for your business even as roles evolve and the business landscape change. It also provides a competitive advantage that is very hard to duplicate.

So, how do we select the relevant competencies and effortlessly integrate them to your workplace? Here is our approach:



Enabling high-performing teams

Why Squadify: Problems teams are facing today

75% of cross-functional teams are underperforming.

90% of teams claimed to be high performing, but only 17% meet the high-performance criteria.

1 in 8 team members is facing burnout.

46% of employees are experiencing loneliness.


What is Squadify and how it can help

Squadify is all about teams. It’s an easy-to-use platform that connects team leaders, team members and coaches in a data-driven approach to accelerating performance. Squadify gives everyone a voice on the dynamics inside their team so that they can continuously take action to improve.

Teams that use Squadify can strengthen their shared mental models, identify areas for focused action as a team and be confident that doing so will improve performance.

How Squadify can create powerful tangible results for your team


What Squadify is NOT

  • It is not an organizational engagement or culture survey.
  • It is not an individual psychometric survey.

How Squadify turned this team around!

Merck Healthcare ANZ

The Problems: In 2018, the leadership team was facing exhaustion, poor communication, low engagement with low-risk taking and low trust levels. As a result, the organization missed targets and exhibited weak performance and poor data & decision-making.


The Results after using Squadify: Squadify supported Merck to become a high-performance organization. Here’s what happened two years later, in 2020:

  • Financial performance was 113% vs budget
  • Engagement decline turned around, with an 11% year-on-year growth
  • “I would recommend Merck as a great place to work” went up to 94% from 77%
  • The team became collaborative, confident and engaged

Leaders speak:

"We are using Squadify every quarter in my Senior Leadership team… as we have used it for over a year, I have found the trends really valuable."

-GM, Customer Experience

“Squadify has helped our team have laser focus…It has completely changed the way we interact with each other. We would never have been in this place so quickly and in such a positive way without Squadify.”

-MD, Healthcare

We’d love to tell you more. Book a free discovery call with one of our certified Squadify Pro coaches.