Changing mindsets. Influencing behaviour. Enabling better performance.

Our in-person workshops use the facilitative style of learning to change mindsets, influence behavior, develop competencies, and enable performance improvement at an individual contributor, team manager, and leadership levels. We work across all levels and industries. As official affiliates of The Kirkpatrick Partners, we effectively assist individuals and organizations in building solid and memorable learning experiences linked to performance. Find out how.


Are your employees empowered with soft skills critical to success?

According to a study from Boston College, Harvard University, and the University of Michigan, soft skills training, such as communication and problem-solving, boosts productivity and retention by 12% and delivers a 250% net return on investment.

The fact that soft skills are just as critical to employee performance as technical know-how is not surprising. People with well-developed interpersonal skills, the ability to manage and control their emotions, communication skills, leadership, adaptability, and problem solving, among others, tend to perform better in their organizations and fetch higher wages.

At C2C-OD, we offer you the support and training to empower each person on your team with a newer set of skills, or we hit the refresh button on what they may already know. We ensure ongoing success by working with your Learning and Development team to refine or recreate a complete training solution.

We believe in high impact trainings, with the support of the right technology.

What sets our programs apart?

  • Our programs are based on latest brain research, focusing on creating learning environment that is based on the way we naturally learn. These programs are designed and delivered around the principles of Accelerated Learning.
  • Our programs are designed to fit all delivery formats (face-to-face as well as virtual).
  • We partner with business role players to draw on ‘real-life’ work experience while providing communication; presentation; listening and closing; and effective feedback skills solutions.
  • Our programs are designed to create new and positive, lasting behaviors among participants. We call these High Performance Learning Journeys.
  • With web-based learning platforms like Promote, we increase stickiness in learning by getting managers more involved and facilitating social learning.

The world is our playground – we have facilitators across the world to provide this experience to all your employees globally as well.


Create a high-performing team and set them up for success.

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IAF Endorsed™ Comprehensive Programme on Group Facilitation Skills

Group wisdom versus individual intelligence

The modern workplace has become very diverse with a growing need for people to work effectively and efficiently in groups, across teams, functions, cultures and geographies. Such diversity brings with it, a high likelihood of creative and innovative solutions emerging. However, you can’t simply bring people together and hope that they will work with each other on their own to come up with solutions.

This is where facilitation comes in.

Defined as ‘to make easy’, facilitation is a skill that uses processes and tools to ensure that different views and thoughts of a group are surfaced to support the coming together to achieve a collective objective. It makes it possible for businesses to harness diversity in a group and channel it productively.

Group facilitation is becoming a critical skill for coordinating the ideas and contributions of diverse sets of people within organizations. Today, facilitators play an essential role in discussions, meetings, teamwork, and overall organizational effectiveness.

C2C Organizational Development presents India’s only IAF Endorsed™ Comprehensive Programme on Group Facilitation Skills, ‘Facilitation: Making Group Wisdom Work’. The three-day program is delivered by IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitators (CPFs).

Ideal for business leaders, HR and L&D professionals, and trainers, consultants, and facilitators, ‘Facilitation: Making Group Wisdom Work’ covers the IAF core competencies and code of ethics and helps you understand why, when and how to use them.

The Endorsement

This program has been reviewed and is endorsed by the International Association of Facilitators (IAF). More information on the endorsement here


Check Events for our upcoming program dates.

Bring your team together for better performance, innovation and impact.

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Make a lasting impact on your stakeholders.

memorable /ˈmɛm(ə)rəb(ə)l/ adjective; worth remembering or easily remembered, especially because of being special or unusual.

In today’s fast paced, information over-loaded world, we can easily be forgotten if we do nothing to make sure we are remembered. At every stage of your journey of growth through an organization, it is important that you are remembered for your personal brand. From building relationships, to influencing stakeholders to making sales, every activity needs you to stand out and be memorable in the right way to get the best impact.

So how do you stand out from the rest?

Welcome to ‘Memorable Presence’.

Memorable Presence is a combination of the core skill sets that helps you consciously tweak the image you are projecting. If you are not memorable, you are not creating the right impact.

Memorable Presence requires you to develop your skills around the 3Cs.
  1. Conviction - What do you stand for? What are the values that define you?
  2. Confidence - Overcoming self-limiting beliefs that stand in the way of you being memorable
  3. Communication - The right mix of prominence and gravitas to create the right impact in the right situation

Memorable Presence focuses on helping you build four core skills:

  1. Self-awareness - Knowing who you are, the values you believe in, what is your image and your strengths and weaknesses
  2. Social awareness - Being aware of what is expected of you, are you able to develop a rapport by changing to the needs to others?
  3. Focused agility - The flexibility to transform your own behavior and mindset.
  4. Commitment - The drive and desire to practice and use them above to achieve results

Our Memorable Presence workshop takes you through a journey of self-discovery helping you explore your own values, your communication preferences and your self-limited beliefs. Through thinking, discussing and doing, you will learn how you can use the 3 Cs of Conviction, Communication and Confidence to tailor your communication such that you are memorable and interesting to your audience.


Have a Memorable Presence wherever you go

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Is diversity & inclusion built into your every strategy, process, and behavior?

Are you counting on your talent to bring increased profitability and results? With rapidly shifting demographics and increasing localization and globalization, organizations must engage their entire workforce to ensure consistent performance and sustained growth. High performing, innovative teams tend to be diverse in nature and their differences needs to be leveraged.

However, only diversity within the organization may not cut it for you. In fact, it may have the opposite effect. Diversity without inclusion can lead to reduced functionality and higher inefficiencies. To attain the highest performance and innovation, it is imperative to leverage and include differences in the team – these differences could span across genders, generations, sexual orientations, thinking styles and other elements. You need both diversity and inclusion in your organization to arrive at the desired outcome.

C2C-OD, in partnership with LCW (Leading in a Culturally Diverse World), brings you a tri-fold expertise of organizational development, crafting effective learning solutions and Diversity & Inclusion.

Our focus:
  1. At an organizational level
    - Valuing Diversity and Choosing Inclusion
  2. At an individual level
    - Increasing individual awareness and action around unconscious bias

With a global reach, we bring in more than a decade of experience in designing and delivering solutions across industries, in different formats, in-person, virtual, and e-learning.


We can help your organization harness the power of your diversity through inclusive thought, strategy, and action.

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