What happens (or needs to happen) in between your training intervention and your business goals? One of the world’s leading impact evaluation experts, Professor Robert Brinkerhoff’s research shows that only 1 in 6 participants achieve sustained behavior change after attending a learning event without much pre and post-program support. A more dismal statistic is that 4 of the 6 actually try to achieve behavior change before failing.

Why does this happen?

The utter lack of a supportive environment when the participants are back at work is the reason. These statistics have significant importance for L&D teams in organizations, because they represent a huge opportunity for us do things differently and set participants up for success. The Brinkerhoff Certification for High Performance Learning Journeys (HPJL) is a learning design methodology that helps learning interventions move away from an event focused approach to a transformation focused approach.

The High Performance Learning Journey equips you with the tools to significantly improve your design and deliver impact on a learning investment. You will go through a High Performance Learning Journey where you will experience the different elements of Commitment, Knowledge Foundation, Develop and Practice and Strengthen your results to attain mastery on how to create an HPLJ. Through your journey, you will work on a detailed case study and eventually work on your own project to apply each element on an HPLJ into your learning design.

Why is the HPLJ relevant?

The HPLJ approach has been proven to dramatically increase the impact of training — by a factor up to 4 — on workplace performance (Impact evaluation studies courtesy of Brinkerhoff Institute 2017). If you’ve ever struggled to demystify what needs to happen in a training intervention for it to lead to performance and therefore business results, then this certification is for you.



IAF Endorsed™ Comprehensive Programme on Group Facilitation Skills

Group wisdom versus individual intelligence

The modern workplace has become very diverse with a growing need for people to work effectively and efficiently in groups, across teams, functions, cultures and geographies. Such diversity brings with it, a high likelihood of creative and innovative solutions emerging. However, you can’t simply bring people together and hope that they will work with each other on their own to come up with solutions.

This is where facilitation comes in.

Defined as ‘to make easy’, facilitation is a skill that uses processes and tools to ensure that different views and thoughts of a group are surfaced to support the coming together to achieve a collective objective. It makes it possible for businesses to harness diversity in a group and channel it productively.

Group facilitation is becoming a critical skill for coordinating the ideas and contributions of diverse sets of people within organizations. Today, facilitators play an essential role in discussions, meetings, teamwork, and overall organizational effectiveness.

C2C Organizational Development presents India’s only IAF Endorsed™ Comprehensive Programme on Group Facilitation Skills, ‘Facilitation: Making Group Wisdom Work’. The three-day program is delivered by IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitators (CPFs).

Ideal for HR and L&D professionals, ‘Facilitation: Making Group Wisdom Work’ covers the IAF core competencies and code of ethics and helps you understand why, when and how to use them.

The Endorsement

This program has been reviewed and is endorsed by the International Association of Facilitators (IAF). More information on the endorsement here



Are you evaluating the impact of your training interventions?

What have you contributed to business? How has L&D impacted business? How have you contributed to the bottom line? What results can you show? What is the ROI? How is the business improving through training? All very valid questions and all increasingly being asked by business to L&D.

A 2017 Workplace Learning Report by LinkedIn Learning shows that the No. 1 measure of learning desired by CEOs is learning impact and yet only 8% organizations are demonstrating this. There is a clear need for us to up our learning evaluation game and provide business with the kind of results it is looking for.

The Kirkpatrick Four Levels® of Evaluation Certification program (Bronze, Silver and Gold levels) certifies you to use one of the foremost evaluation methodologies in the world. Available in in-person and online formats, this program helps you deep dive into each of the 4 Levels, explore tools, techniques and methodologies at each level and helps you develop the Kirkpatrick Four Levels® evaluation plan for one of your own session right there in the training room. This hands-on approach leads to immediate application of the learning and increases the likelihood of future application on the job.